The President’s Report

2017 has been a busy & successful year for the Museum.  All of our exhibits were well attended and we received many great comments & donations concerning the displays.

All this year we have been working with Rebecca Yearick of the Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority concerning the property at 203 East Main Street, next to the Frankenberger Tavern.  Through the work of Rebecca and the support of many community organizations and residents, the county was able to purchase the property and obtain a contract for its removal.  Demolition is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2018.  At that time, it will be given to the Association and we will start working on developing the Frankenberger Gardens.

The Gardens will enrich the Tavern’s story and will allow us to expand the educational and historical aspects of the Tavern.  It will also provide much needed green space on Main Street.

I want to thank you for your contributions to the Annual Giving Program and the funding provided towards the Frankenberger Gardens.  It is only through your support that we are able to preserve and tell the story of Mechanicsburg.

I also want to recognize and extend my appreciation to the efforts of our many volunteers who donate their precious time and expertise to provide excellence and enrichment through our lecture programs, exhibits and special events.  I personally appreciate your continued interest and support in help us “Keep Our History Alive”.


Beverly J. Bone, President



Director’s Report

2017 was a banner year for the Museum.  It was only possible because of our dedicated support of our fund raising projects.  Thanks to all of you!!

We continue to have fantastic exhibits which are drawing more people all the time.  Our Glass exhibit, Surrounding Communities exhibit and our Christmas exhibit brought in record numbers of visitors in 2017.  Thanks to our excellent committee: Joan Quick, Carvel Markley, Faith Matthews, Frankie Hensel, Jean Layne, John Klinger, Fern Oram and Beverly Bone. 

Our Lifetime Enrichment programs continue to draw many participants.  Thanks to Betty Schneiderhan for doing an excellent job getting great speakers and topics.

Our School tour program continues for the 5th grades for Mechanicsburg Schools and home schoolers.  Thanks to Jean Layne for organizing these tours and our great volunteers.

Many thanks to our Building & Grounds committee who take care of the many day to day things as well as building ramps for the Stationmaster’s House.  Thanks to Leroy Weaver & John Behel.  Also many thanks to John Nesbit for mowing at the Freight Station. 

Our Walking Tours continue to become more popular as well as special group tours that are arranged by John Klinger.  Thank You John. 

Thanks to our Fund Raising committee for handling such great events:  Jeanne Souder, Faith Matthews, Frankie Hensel, John Klinger & Beverly Bone.

Our Acquisitions Chairman continues to keep things organized and catalogued.  Thanks Beverly.  Also thanks to our membership committee, Fay Geegee & Jeanne Souder, for sending out membership dues reminders as well as thank yous.

Fern Oram, our volunteer coordinator, gets our monthly volunteer lined up & helpers for special occasions.  Thank You Fern!

Finally, Thanks to Gary Weber, Rebecca Yearick & the Frankenberger Tavern & Gardens committee for working on the project.  As you can see progress is now being made on getting the property demolished & the gardens project started. 

Look for great things in 2018 as the Museum continues to grow.  It takes a lot of people to volunteer to make these projects successful & keep the Museum running.  Thanks to all of you for helping to “Keep our History Alive”.


Steve Zimmerman, Museum Director



Volunteers  -  2017

The Mechanicsburg Museum Association is very proud of the eighty-six members who volunteered 3,215 hours helping for many different events.  The good news is that we have six more new members who volunteered for 2018-so we continue to grow.  We thank you for “keeping our history alive”.


Priscella Bashore, John Behel, Pat Berkheimer, Beverly Bolton, Susan Brennan, Barbara Bressler, Marti Bricker, Nancy Cassel, Mary Lou Connor, Loretta DeLuca, Ken Fronk, Barbara Gaige, Fay Geegee, Gidge Geegee, Peggy Greene, Bonnie Guyer, Tom Hassell, Joan Hauenstein, Frankie Hensel, Keith Hensel, Virginia Herring, Dorothy Kendra, John Klinger, Denise Kocott, Betty Kunkel, Joyce Lackey, Jean Layne, Lois Lewis, Carvel Markley, Marianne Martin, Faith Matthews, Bonnie McGuire, Judy Meck, Ann Miller, Eleanor Miller, Grace Miller, Hope Miller, Michael Miller, Esther Mullen, William Murray, John Nesbit, Fern Oram, Sheila O’Sullivan, Carol Palinkas, Ann Partridge, Constance Poe, John Ponesmith, Becky Querry, Joan Quick, Sandy Quinlan, Grace Rarick, Paul Rigney, Ed Rogers, Joan Romig, Betty Schneiderhan, Betty Semki, Joanne Smith, Kathleen Snyder, Jeanne Souder, Margie Spahr, Lois Wagner, Leroy Weaver, Pam Weaver, Lauren Welker, Jane Wheeler, Susan Wilder, Linda Willis, Carol Winston, Mary Wolpert, Karen Zimmerman, David Zimmerman, Doris Zimmerman, Steve Zimmerman, Bonnie Zink, John Failor, Greg Reinnecker, Gary Turnbaugh, Jan Daniels, Viola Karper              


We apologize if you were omitted from the list.


Fern M. Oram, Volunteer Coordinator     





Research and Photograph Requests 2017

We completed 17 inquiries concerning either a request for copies of photographs or for information regarding a specific question.  We also performed five property searches concerning buildings within the Borough of Mechanicsburg. 

 Beverly Bone, Research



Education Committee

School Field Trips


Fall brought excited, happy faces to our buildings for local history study.  The two schools participating in the half day experience were Northside (3 classes) and Elmwood (4 classes) of fourth grade students.  Each class visited the Stationmaster’s House, Frankenberger Tavern and the Passenger Station where they learned about life in early Mechanicsburg.  During the fall 150 students with teachers and adult chaperones have learned and enjoyed their visits.  More students will be participating this spring when Broad Street and Upper Allen plan visits.

Many children stopped by the Passenger Station during Street of Treats on October 21st and Christmas Crafts on Dec 9th.  Both events are popular with the kids (ages preschool to grade 5) and the adults who appreciate activities which are free and fun.  Museum volunteers worked with children individually to make Halloween/Fall decorations and trimming for their holiday tree.

Jean Lane, Education Committee Chairman



Frankenberger Gardens Project


The Frankenberger Gardens Committee met numerous times during 2017.  The committee consists of Gary Weber, Jeanne Souder, Carvel Markley, Beverly Bone, John Klinger, Frankie Hensel and Leroy Weaver.  Rebecca Yearick also participates in the committee meetings.

During the course of the year the main discussion was the pending demolition of the burned out property at 203 E Main, next to the tavern.  The committee was at the mercy of the County and the Redevelopment Authority and the bid process for the demolition.  Rebecca Yearick spearheaded that project and helped to raise significant funds toward that goal.  As of December 2017 the bid process was completed and demolition will become a reality in the near future. 

In August of 2017, the committee procured the services of Brian Haines to help the committee move forward with plans for the gardens.  Over the course of several meeting, it was decided that the project would be completed in 3 phases.  These phases would divide the property into 3 significant parts from the street to the alley.  While drawings are sketchy at this point in time, the front phase would be a welcoming “garden” with and entrance, paver/stone patio, water pump and various plantings consistent with the time period.  The middle section, or Phase 2, would consist of a small livestock area, vegetable gardens, and an out building that would house a handicap accessible restroom.  This was included in the plan as there are no such facilities in the current tavern and it was felt that it would be a necessary addition to the project.  The third and final phase would be an outside education area with an instructional area and the addition of a shed like structure to give a backdrop to the alley and allow for storage, potting shed and limited parking for handicapped individuals.

The committee is anxious for the completion of the demolition of the present building in hopes that specific plans can be completed and Phase 1 can be started.  2018 should see the finish of the demolition and the completion of Phase 1.

While the committee is charged with the completion of the gardens, they are also looking into various fund raising methods to support the plans.  Funding will be the catalyst for completion of each phase.

Gary Weber, Frankenberger Gardens Committee Chairman



2017 Annual Report -- Membership Committee

For the 2017 calendar year, the Mechanicsburg Museum Association (MMA) received 379 memberships.  Of this total, 17 were new members.

Paid memberships raised $18,785 to support MMA’s operational and program costs.  Of this total, levels of giving are:

                276 individual/family

  24 sustaining

  56 benefactor

    6 corporate


In addition to the above membership levels, 17 complimentary memberships were given during 2017.  This type of membership is given to neighboring community’s historical associations and individuals who made presentations or spoke at MMA events throughout the year.

In recognition of their corporate membership, a special thank you is given to Malpezzi Funeral Home, Mechanicsburg Club, Rahal Automotive Group, Joan Quick, and Michael and Emily College.

In Nov, 2016 406 letters sent for 2017 memberships

March 2017, 115 reminder letters were sent

We had 115 No responses-22 from 2015 & 93 from 2016. 

In Nov, 2017, 421 letters sent out for 2018 memberships


Fay Geegee and Jeannie Souder, Membership Committee Co-chairs 



MMA Appreciates Your Historical Donations


We really appreciate the unique and historical items given to us by our community.  The thoughtfulness of our donors helps us preserve the history and lifestyles of Mechanicsburg.  The gifts are used in exhibits, to furnish our historical buildings, for research and to keep alive the rich history of Mechanicsburg.  We encourage members of the community to think of us when they are exploring their attics and basements for items that will further preserve the history of Mechanicsburg.  These are the individuals that have given the Museum items in the last year.


Delaine Snelbaker Deck , Washington Fire Company, Evan Lindner, E. Michael Stetler, Pat Emel, Bethany Village, Keith Marston, Linda Maniotti, Evelyn Punda, Estate of Ruth Wrightstone, Carolyn S. Rutherford, Joan Romig, Messiah College, Brian Justh, Gerald Forry, Barbara Bressler, Mary Louise Miller, Beverly Bone, Betty Schneiderhan, Joseph Simpson Public Library, Patricia Jones, Leroy and Pam Weaver, Betsy Guidara, Carole and Charles Sheriff, Steven Zimmerman, Linda Humes, Joan Thumma, Robert Hosler, Jean and John Layne, Thomas Poole, Carvel Markley, Gail Ellsworth, Jan Daniels, Phyllis Kegerris, Nancy Griffie, Milton Loyer


Beverly Bone, Acquisitions 



 Fund Raising Report 2017    

Many thanks to all of you who support our Fund Raising projects.  A great big thank you to my committee:  Jeanne Souder, Faith Matthews, Frankie Hensel, Beverly Bone and John Klinger.

Our events began with our “Antique Appraisal” on April 3rd, a great crowd and some very interesting items appeared.


We made $235.00 for the evening and a big thank you to Richard Murry for giving his time to do this for us.


Our second project was the Indian Artifacts Auction which was held in May.  The money raised from this auction went towards the “Frankenberger Taverns & Garden“ project.


Another fund raiser was the ever popular, “Walking Tour of Mechanicsburg” held in both the Spring & Fall.  The number of people attending continues to grow each year.  Thank You to John Klinger for leading the tours.


Our Annual “Heritage Golf Tournament” was our largest fund raiser of the year.  It was held at the Carlisle Barracks again this year.  We raised $3,936.26.  Thank you to Charlie Dull, Paul Rigney, Morgan Essig, Pat Berkheimer & Bill Rarick.  Unfortunately, Charlie Dull, who worked tirelessly for many years, became ill and couldn’t play.  He passed away shortly afterward.  We will miss his great help & support of the Museum.


Our next fund raiser was in conjunction with the Upper Allen Kiwanis-the Blueberry Sales.  Many Thanks to all who supported the venture.  We made a little over $2000.00.  Many thanks to all who helped with this project.


Our next activity was the “Garden Tour” on Sept 9th, with beautiful gardens and weather.  We made $772.00 on the tour.  Thank you to the gardeners, hostesses & helpers.


Our Christmas indoor yard sale bought in over $700. 00 thanks to all those who donated items and helped with the sale. 


Another Fund Raiser was our “Christmas Candlelight Walking Tour” on Dec 2nd.  We had so many people wanting tickets that we added 2 extra tours and still couldn’t accommodate everyone.  We made over $1400.00.  Many thanks to all who helped with this project.


Our Bus Trip to Philadelphia on Dec 8th was great.  Everyone had a good time in spite of the cold weather. 

Thanks to Faith Matthews for organizing the trip.  We made about $3500.


Finally, many thanks to Doris Weldman @ “ The Station “ in New Cumberland for donating the train was raffled and made $453.00.



Steve Zimmerman & Jeanne Souder, Fund Raising Co-Chairs




Exhibit Committee


After a successful 2016 Christmas exhibit, the first exhibit for 2017 was “The wide world of Glass” which ran from Feb 18-May 6.  It featured all types of glass and the many uses of glass.  The exhibit turned out to be very successful as we had over 550 visitors.

The second exhibit was “Surrounding Communities—Friends & Neighbors” which featured a history of all areas surrounding Mechanicsburg as well as current events.  This exhibit ran from June 17  -  Oct 14 and was also very successful as we had over 650 visitors.

Our final exhibit for 2017 was “A Storybook Christmas” featuring children’s storybooks, theme trees, trains and more.  The exhibit ran from Nov 18  -  Jan 13, 2018.  We were pleased that we had just a few short of 1700 visitors.

Many thanks to the exhibit committee:  Joan Quick, Chairman, Beverly Bone, Carvel Markley, Frankie Hensel, John Klinger, Jean Layne, Faith Matthews, Fern Oram and Steve Zimmerman.  Also many thanks to the train committee of John Failor, Greg Reinecker, Gary Turnbaugh, John Klinger & Mike Livingston.  Special Thanks to Barb Bressler & Ernie Kepner & John Rowe for Christmas displays.

Joan Quick, Exhibit Committee Chairman



Website & Group Tours Report


Website: In 2017, we had approximately 7,800 visits to our website.


Tours:  We had five group tours in 2017, ranging from Cub Scouts to a “Mystery Tour” bus tour from York.  Spring and fall walking tours were revised, with the spring tour going east from Market Street, and the fall tour going west.  Response exceeded expectations, with the largest groups I have seen yet.

John Klinger, Webmaster, Museum Tours, Walking Tours