Mechanicsburg Museum Services


Guided Tours

Are you an Activity Director, business owner, Scout Leader or part of any group of individuals looking for something 'different' to do close to home? We offer tours of our buildings year-round. Simply call ahead so that we can schedule a docent or two to guide your through the buildings and tell you all about Mechanicsburg's rich history. Two weeks or more advance notice is appreciated. Tours can last anywhere from forty-five minutes long (very brief, little history) to two hours or so (full descriptions and question-answer sessions). Of course, we recommend the full tour. When making reservations, we can provide you with a list of restaurants and motels in the area. Groups larger than 20 may need to be split into smaller groups dues to limited space inside the buildings, but can usually be accommodated at the same time. There is no charge for a tour, but a small donation to the museum would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the Museum for additional information at (717) 697-6088, or e-mail us at If leaving a message or sending an e-mail, please include your name, name of your organization, telephone number, size and age range of your group, and proposed date for a tour.

Research Library

Historical and Genealogical Information

The Research Room at the Freight Station has numerous resource materials, including 1858 and 1872 maps with property owners' names, and town directories dating back to 1876. We have obituaries from local Mechanicsburg papers. There is information concerning events of our town. There are a number of old photos, newspaper articles, maps, and business records. We have the Norm Hunter photo collection, and a substantial number of old photo post cards. Please call (717) 697-6088 or e-mail to arrange to talk to one of our researchers. A small donation may be requested for more extensive searches.

Education Program

he fourth grade students from the Mechanicsburg Area School District and home schooled students participate in a program that takes them to the CVRR Passenger Station, to the yellow brick by the Passenger Station where the Time Capsule for 2076 is buried, a “scavenger hunt” at the Stationmaster’s House, a visit to the Union Church and the artifacts in back of the Washington Fire Company and a fun filled experience at the Frankenberger tavern.